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Reality television

It’s called “reality T-V” … and it’s on several channels across the cable band of offerings. The “reality” is that the “stars” of these shows appear to be people who can’t act and are too lazy to learn the lines of a script. If they are women, they have large bosoms and big hair. If they are men, they have muscles and tattoos.
These images are hooks, designed to get channel surfers to stop for a few minutes and get involved in the childish, obscenity-laced rants of the untalented performers. There are the people from New Jersey and there are “housewives” from several big cities. I don’t watch these programs … but I’ve been “hooked” long enough to realize that this stuff is – in my opinion – little more than visual excrement. Or maybe it’s a kind of soft porn for viewers who don’t need a plot to be amused.
Yes, it disturbs me that these people are making big bucks … more than many performers who are actually talented. But I guess it’s like jewelry made out of chicken poop; somebody will buy it … apparently, a lot of somebodies!
Our thought for today is from David Frost:
“Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn’t have in your home.”

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04/13/2011 1:20AM
Reality television
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