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Reactions to gun violence

It’s interesting to note how the people of Kansas have reacted to the most recent gun violence incidents. Some states have moved for stricter rules about guns and who can own them. Kansas is a state that has moved toward putting more guns in the hands of its citizens.
The Kansas Attorney General’s office received nearly 3,500 applications for concealed-carry permits last month. More than 14,000 applications have been turned in this year.
The Kansas Legislature has moved to allow licensed gun owners in schools and other public facilities in which security is deemed inadequate. They’ve also passed a law that declares the federal government has no authority to regulate guns and ammunition sold and kept only in Kansas … and federal agents can’t enforce any federal laws challenging this state law.
Attorney General Eric Holder tells Governor Brownback the Kansas law is unconstitutional, and the United States is ready to go to court on the matter.
Are all Kansans willing to foot the legal bills for protecting laws that many Kansans  believe are completely unneeded?
Our thought for today is from Thorstein Veblen:
“Invention is the mother of necessity.”

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05/08/2013 1:38AM
Reactions to gun violence
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