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Rating public schools

If you believe the critics, our public schools are nothing more than holding tanks for tomorrow’s criminals … where bad teachers constantly pump liberal ideas into the mushy brains of children of the middle and lower classes.
U-S-A Today recently reported on a survey by Phi Delta Kappa International, an educators association. 79% of the respondents gave an “A” or “B” to the school their oldest child attends. That’s up from 68% in 2001, and the highest percentage of favorable ratings since P-D-K began asking the question in 1985.
However, since 2001 – reports U-S-A Today – “American have soured on schools in general”. In June, a thousand adults were asked to give a letter grade to “public schools in the nation as a whole” … and only 17% gave them an “A” or “B”.
My own children did well in public schools, graduated, and earned university degrees. One is an accountant, the other a career military officer.
They did well in school partly because they were motivated to do their best; motivated by themselves and by two attentive parents.
Our thought for today is from Will Rogers:
“The schools ain’t what they used to be and never was.”

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08/23/2011 1:11AM
Rating public schools
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