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Prediction: Hawker Beechcraft is leaving Wic hita

I think Hawker Beechcraft C-E-O Bill Boisture was being completely honest and candid in his comments this week to KAKE News at the Business Aviation Association meeting in Atlanta. I appreciate Boisture’s straightforward comments.
He told KAKE Hawker Beechcraft has been looking for ways to “reduce the size of its footprint” in Wichita and Kansas. He said part of the company’s recent offer that was turned down by the Machinists Union was a stated reduction of several hundred jobs. He admitted that the company wants to move more jobs to Mexico. Boisture says the company is still looking at “alternatives” in making decisions about the company’s future. The primary mission is to remain profitable.
Meanwhile, Cessna C-E-O Jack Pelton says while his company is outsourcing parts of its work, the majority of manufacturing will stay in Wichita.
Personally, I think we can kiss Hawker Beechcraft goodbye. I hope their corporate big shots enjoy Louisiana … or Mexico … or where ever they happen to land.
Our thought for today is from Benjamin Franklin:
 “Drive thy business or it will drive thee.”

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10/21/2010 1:24AM
Prediction: Hawker Beechcraft is leaving Wic hita
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10/21/2010 11:40AM
Steve, I'm surprised at you...
"Corporate Bigshots?" A bit peevish don't you think? Come on Steve, I wouldn't expect that coming from you. After all, Hawker Beech is a business and deserves to make a profit. They gave the Union members a fair opportunity to retain their jobs and keep HB in town and the majority of them rejected it. Now the company's leader must look at ways to preserve HB. You can't begrudge them for that. I don't feel sorry for the machinists who voted NO (against the Union's recommendation) but I do sympathize with salaried employees and others in Wichita who will suffer as a result of the machinists' lack of judgement.
12/25/2012 7:13PM
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