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Power out

Electric power went out Thursday morning around five o’clock at the shopping center that houses these studios. Our six Entercom radio stations were up and running on a back-up power system within a short time. But we lost several information sources and internet connection … and our stations were limited in the songs and commercials they could play on the air.
In addition, the lights were out and computers down all over the building for several hours. Any work was accomplished with a great deal of diligence and stress. It was a nightmare for anyone here who had a deadline or a time-sensitive task.
It pointed out to me just how vulnerable we are in this country. If an enemy can take down our power grid, or somehow knock out the internet, radio, and television, we are in deep doo doo.
Not to frighten you, but I’m sure there are people in the world trying to figure out how they can do such nasty things. I’m sure someone on our side is taking steps to prevent such an attack.
Our thought for today is from Aldous Huxley:
“Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him.”

05/08/2012 1:03AM
Power out
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