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Pompeo's Boehner fund-raiser

During the election, Mike Pompeo’s opponents called him a “Washington insider”. He had certainly been active in Republican politics on the state and national level … and he knows how to get what all successful politicians need; money.
I don’t remember being informed that the 4th District Congressman was bringing House Speaker John Boehner to town. But Pompeo’s people probably thought I wouldn’t pay the 25-hundred-dollar fee to rub elbows with a famous politician. I wouldn’t have. I don’t recall Boehner getting much media attention, but that wasn’t the point of the visit.
Republican Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn dropped in to the Boehner appearance and was later billed for 25-hundred bucks, which he had not anticipated. He probably won’t really have to pay it.
What can we take away from the Boehner appearance? That Mike Pompeo certainly knows how to raise money with the help of national politicians. It also indicates that Pompeo is not motivated to make that Republican “tent” any bigger.
Our thought for today is from Jesse Unruh:
“Money is the mother’s milk of politics.”

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11/07/2011 1:09AM
Pompeo's Boehner fund-raiser
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