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Our water problem

It’s been a heck of a drought. If it continues -- were told -- Cheney Reservoir could be bone dry by 2015. The lake provides 60% of Wichita’s water, some of which we sell to smaller communities in the area.
The Wichita City Council is taking public input in their efforts to deal with the problem. Is voluntary rationing the answer? Should city customers who use more water face higher rates on their monthly bills?
My “extra” water use goes for washing my cars in the driveway and some gardening. I never water my lawn unless we’re trying to get some new grass started. My lawn greens up nicely in the spring and turns brown in the late summer. I keep it well cut and trimmed.
We don’t have a sprinkling system or a pool.
Two of my brothers lived in the west for years, and they were always conserving water.
Of course, a few nice Kansas rains could ease our concerns considerably.
Our thought for today is from Henry David Thoreau:
“Water is the only drink for a wise man.”

03/27/2013 1:37AM
Our water problem
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