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Officer-involved shooting

Three Wichita police officers were involved in the fatal shooting of a robbery suspect recently. The initial investigation indicated … according to Police Chief Norman Williams … that the suspect approached the officers with a knife and refused to drop it.
With typical cyber bravado, a K-N-S-S web site visitor responded by calling the dead person a mildly-pornographic name. That was inappropriate. I can just about guarantee you the officers involved are not happy that they had to shoot someone.
A friend of mine once shot and killed a robbery suspect. He later left the police force.
Do people really believe law enforcement officers get a kick out of shooting someone?
I think they see it as the worst case incident … something to be done when everything else has failed. They only have a split second to make a decision that no amount of training can really prepare them to make.
This is not T-V or movie “cops and robbers”. It’s real and it’s serious … deadly serious.
Our thought for today is from Sophocles:
“What you cannot enforce, do not command.”

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11/08/2011 1:08AM
Officer-involved shooting
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11/08/2011 5:29PM
officer involved shooting
Steve, I was a cop for 20 years. Pointed guns a lot, never shot anyone. Never wanted to. My friends that have never forget it. You are right, it's nothing we take pleasure in. I hope you will keep speaking honestly on the behalf of law enforcement.Empathy is hard for them to come by.
11/09/2011 8:46AM
"Mildly-pornographic", get real Steve.
Steve, I don't claim to know everything, but I try very hard to not misrepresent what somebody says. Unfortunately I'm not able to listen all of the time to you and Ted in the morning or your daily commentary. I do take GREAT offense to my words being taken out of context. I was shocked by what I heard you say last night on the radio about what I said. I’m assuming you’re reference to a “local listener” and “mildly-pornographic” was to my comments calling the thief that was shot a “scumbag”. When I heard you say pornographic, I about hit the roof in my car! I wasn't too surprised by the disdain in your voice about my other comments in regards to the story of that thief being shot and killed by our officers. I have no doubt those officers will remember that night for the rest of their lives. My heart goes out to them; I can't begin to even imagine what they are and will be going through for the rest of their lives. On that note we do not need or want any individual serving in law enforcement positions who do take pleasure in shooting somebody, those individuals have no place in society, let along wearing a badge! Like it or not they did the right thing, like you said they had only a second or two at the most to assess the situation and take action. I have to think of the person(s) this guy had robbed. I also have to think of his future victims, victims that were saved by the actions of those three officers. Now to get back to the original reason for this letter, the word "scumbag" and its meaning. I did a quick web search for it, most of the returns I got were variations of "mean, despicable person", I had one return that listed it as slang for a condom. I can almost understand now why you called my first comments on the air as being "nasty". However I would think that somebody of your journalism experience would know the context I had intended after the update I made to my first comments. What I don't understand or know is if or why you would intentionally misrepresent my comments, opinions and words. Merriam-Webster has it listed from 1967; again it is listed as a "dirty, despicable person". This seems to somewhat adequately describe the thief that was killed, doesn't it? So please tell my why your first thoughts/comments on the word "scumbag" were of a "sexual" nature? I'll be turning 40 in a few days, and because of your comments I now know of a completely different meaning for the word "scumbag". I would appreciate it if you were to be an HONEST journalist and amend your reporting of my comments, in short tell the public that this "listener" used the word "scumbag" (dirty, despicable person) to describe those thief’s, including the one that was killed. Clarifying that it was you who made a mistake with your interpretation of how I used the word. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't get the opportunity to listen all of the time, so I'll leave it to your HONOR to make amends, as I will probably have maybe a one in seven chance of actually hearing your correction on the air. Sincerely, "Listener" P.S. I'm not giving my name because I don't know if any of this will be taken out of context like my previous comments.
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