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Occupiers' blurred message

The Occupiers’ message seems to be unclear to many Americans. Their demonstrations have been called “anti-capitalist”. Labor unions have gotten involved, along with prominent voices from the Left.
Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo told me the protesters’ anger is “misplaced”. He thinks they are aiming their protest “at folks who are working hard and are successful”, when they should be protesting in Washington, D.C. at the federal government.
Apparently the Congressman does not perceive a growing feeling of distrust and even hatred toward the Wall Street geniuses who created our huge financial crisis. Isn’t that a valid concern, balanced against the Tea Party’s anti-government message?
Truth is, Americans are frustrated with government and business big shots, who don’t seem to feel the pain of the little people. While millions of Americans are out of work … and millions labor with stagnant wages … C-E-Os and Congressmen enjoy the good life … and pay raises every year.
No wonder so many Americans are angry.
Our thought for today is from Henry Ward Beecher:
“Never forget what a man says to you when he is angry.”

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10/24/2011 1:22AM
Occupiers' blurred message
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