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OK, A Little Politics

A quick grab bag entry today of a few political opinions.  Everybody knows what those are worth.

We were bamboozled.  A bunch of rich people got to keep their “neighborhood association” sweetheart trash service deals.  They played it up as a “keep the government out of our trash” argument about less government. But they were just looking to keep their own low prices at the expense of the rest of us.  Remember, all that the city wanted to do was consolidate the service areas for the existing waste companies.  That’s EXACTLY the same thing the loudmouth protesters ALREADY DO to lower their costs.  They consolidate their trash service within their own “neighborhood or homeowners associations.”  But when the city (and the waste haulers) want everyone to save money (including the waste companies) by eliminating duplicate, triplicate, or (in the extreme case of my neighborhood) septuple route coverage, oh no… “stay out of my trash!”  It’s very easy to complain about my triple-digit quarterly trash bill when I see the unbelievably inefficient 7 different trash companies running on 5 different days in my neighborhood.  It’s very easy to see where the cost savings come from.  What it’s not easy to see is why the “association” folks care what the rest of us pay as long as they keep their deals.  But I guess they have to feel superior to us in every way they can.
Then again it’s also nice to see that we have a new city manager that can’t deal with a little opposition and buckles like a belt rather than try and point out the obvious hypocrisy in the opposing viewpoint.  Hopefully “Pay as You Throw” will save me a little too.  Of course that will depend on whether or not my trash company decides to lower their costs out of the goodness of their hearts (because there seems to be little other reason they would in the proposed plan.)  Somehow I doubt it will help me much.

 I’m not a big supporter of Rick Perry (or any candidate so far this primary season) but he is receiving some pretty unfair criticism.  The first one’s easy; it’s not his fault his state was on fire for a few weeks.  It was a very dry summer.  The HPV vaccination problem is a more complicated issue.  Perry took money from the supplier of the vaccine.  But A: that’s not illegal (it wasn’t an amount that violates any rules,) and B: he (and every other candidate) takes donations from a lot of different companies, PAC’s, and other sources.  Look closely at any candidate’s funding and you can find some donor who has a prior connection to the candidate.  Women with HPV have a significantly increased chance of developing cervical cancer.  And maybe it’s just my personal experience, but a young woman I was very fond of in my college days died of cervical cancer.  At a Walk for Life event shortly after that happened, I was reminded again that tragedy like that was just one of thousands of similar stories.  So Perry tries to do something to LESSEN the chances that WOMEN WILL DIE OF CERVICAL CANCER.  I don’t have a problem with it. Now his immigration policies… he’s on his own with those.

The Governor spent MONEY to determine if there were ENOUGH economic incentives for marriage in Kansas to encourage marriage and discourage divorce.  REALLY, that’s a priority right now?  Pushing a social agenda after running a campaign on the conservative wagon train of “Less government interference?”  As a non-married person myself, I don’t care if there are ANY economic incentives to getting or staying married.  There’s an idea, if there weren’t any incentives perhaps fewer people would rush in to a marriage that doesn’t seem quite right to one or both of the couple.  That would bring the divorce rate down.  Are there any measureable benefits to a state full of married people?  I’ve never seen the results of that study.  I wouldn’t want to either.  So now just because I’m ugly and have little chance of getting married now I’m a 2nd class citizen?  Thanks a pantload Brownback, that helps out the ol’ self-esteem.  Dude looked to be happily married to a wonderful first lady, who knew that his marriage was based on better tax incentives for filing jointly? Perhaps I’m just too old fashioned, but if I ever did get married I kind of hope it will be based upon more than just hanging on to more of my own net worth.

Not that I want any of that to reflect poorly on our First Lady Mary Brownback.  Reading to Kansas kids as a part of Kansas’ Book Festival… outstanding effort.  I can’t think of a better way to ensure the economy of our tomorrow by helping to educate our young today.  I firmly stand behind anyone who promotes literacy.  It was certainly more helpful than anything her husband did in his “panel on marriage.”

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09/29/2011 5:23AM
OK, A Little Politics
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