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Now what?

The conventions are over and the race for president is officially underway. The polls indicate the majority of voters have made up their minds, and I doubt they’ll see anything in the next few weeks to change their positions.
So Romney and Obama are actually battling for a small number of independent-minded people who haven’t decided. And they need those voters in the so-called “swing states”. One-on-one debates should help define the differences between the candidates.
Has the President done the best we can expect, during extremely difficult economic times? Is four years enough? Has he gone too far with the health care mandates?
Does Mitt Romney have a plan that can speed up the recovery? Are Americans ready for a different basic direction, toward the right? Does Romney really know anything or care anything about the non-wealthy, the other 99%?
Right now it’s a very close race. And we’re sure to see and hear scores of negative campaign ads from the PACs.
Our thought for today is from Laurence J. Peter:
“There is no stigma attached to recognizing a bad decision in time to install a better one.” 

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09/12/2012 1:14AM
Now what?
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