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No online teacher evaluations

The Kansas House Education Committee decided to trim web site teacher evaluations from an education bill. I think it was a wise decision.
Governor Sam Brownback had proposed the idea of putting the evaluations on school district web sites, allowing input from supervisors, peers, parents, and students. In other words, turn the evaluation into a public flogging … or perhaps a love fest.
Two years of “ineffective” web site evaluations could get a teacher fired. The proposal also would have offered $5,000 bonuses for some highly-rated teachers.
I salute any attempt to encourage excellent teaching in Kansas schools. But given the nature of social media, I knew the governor’s idea was fraught with potential for ugliness … to say nothing of violating the rights and privacy of educators.
I give the governor an “A” for intention, but an “F” for his effort. However, he can always try again before “finals”.
Our thought for today is from Cicero:
“Advice is judged by results, not by intentions.”

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02/15/2012 1:00AM
No online teacher evaluations
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