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No bonuses for G.M. workers

I think it’s great that General Motors is still making cars and now making record profits … after being close to closing until a taxpayer bailout in 2009. I’m sure G-M’s managers and the folks in the factories had a lot to do with that recovery. They made tough decisions and worked hard to bring the company back to life.
But as a G-M stockholder, I must protest the company’s generosity to its employees, in handing out millions of dollars in bonuses. After all, we taxpayers own 500 million shares of G-M stock, and the company still owes us 25.5 billion dollars.
Personally, it’s been a long time since I received any kind of bonus. During that time I have worked hard for a company that has been profitable … a company that never receives any money from the government.
And now I am asked to subsidize bonuses for workers who probably wouldn’t have a job without government help … my help … and yours.
Where is our “bonus”?
Our thought for today is from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, from South Park:
“Sometimes what’s right isn’t as important as what’s profitable.”

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02/23/2012 1:06AM
No bonuses for G.M. workers
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