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Rush is still #1

We at KNSS continue to be very successful with Rush Limbaugh. In fact, when Rush is on, no other Wichita radio station rates higher than KNSS. Rush has been on KNSS for over 20 years. Today, he's the most popular radio personality on the air. It's more than just ideology, it's knowing 'Radio' and how successful radio programs work. Bottom line, Rush is entertaining. He's never boring. Whether you agree with Rush or not, he compels people to listen.
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Radio and the Internet

Recently I was at a Radio conference. We talked about the present and the future of Radio. We talked about how people use Radio. How they access it. With the Internet, more and more people are trying out Radio on things like their Smart Phones. In fact I was talking with a friend that travels from Wichita to Kansas City on an almost weekly basis. He told me the other day that he now listens to KNSS all the way up there and back, never losing us. That's because he uses our free i-Phone App on his Smart Phone, connected via Bluetooth through his car radio. As long as he has an internet connection, he can connect with us anywhere in the world.

I can remember back to the mid 90s when we had 1 computer hooked up to the internet at the radio station. It was stuck in a small office in the back. We used a dial-up phone line to connect. We mainly used it to get show prep, what little there was compared to now. Today, the Internet is connecting us in ways no one could have imagined only 20 years ago.
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Who you really are

Interesting that it takes getting drunk and pulled over to reveal a person's true personality. Actors Mel Gibson, and now Reese Witherspoon.

I'm not a fan of a person that uses "do you know who I am?" Too bad, cause I thought Reese was one of the nice ones.

A local politician also tried pulling this stunt when she was pulled over, only to be embarrased when video from a police helmut cam was shown on TV/Internet.

Look, just like most of us I've been pulled over, and yes I hate police for a few days after being pulled over (if he wrote me a ticket), but I move on. And I don't say anything while being pulled over. It's the smart thing to do.
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Sprint announced this week that they will be putting FM tuners in their cell phones. About time! The Radio Industry has been pushing this idea for quite some time. But the American cell industry keeps ignoring this.

Letting people have the ability to listen to local radio in their cell device without the need of a cell phone tower or Wi-Fi becomes very important in times of disasters. All this takes is a chip in the phone to add in a radio tuner.

We in Kansas know that when a storm hits our area, cell phones become unreliable and useless. And when the power is out, cell phones don’t work, there’s no TV … what do we do? We try to find a portable radio to listen to a local station for information and news.

The cost of adding a chip to pick up radio station via radio airwaves (not using the cell phone towers) is a few cents per phone. In fact, overseas in countries like England, cell phone users have an FM radio tuner in their cell phones.

This is a no-brainer and why it is taking the American cell industry so long to understand this is dumbfounded. This is a matter of public service.

I’m guessing what happened with Sprint is a high level Sprint executive lives in the NE, got hit by the recent Hurricane Sandy, power went out, looked at his useless cell phone and wanted to listen to local radio but couldn’t.

I’m hoping this is a trend for other cell companies to follow.
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Looking forward to the New Year, KNSS will move from the successful Neal Boortz to Herman Cain, M-F 9a-11a. Herman has done a great job filling in for Neal over the years … now the show will become his. And as I hear, we’ll hear from Neal from time to time on the new Herman Cain program.

Covering news will continue to be a big part of KNSS Radio. We continue to be one of the few 24/7 radio news departments in the country. Our commitment to telling listeners what’s going on in their neighborhood, to what’s going on in the world is strong. We have some of the best local news persons in the region. That includes Steve McIntosh and Ted Woodward, both doing a great job with our morning show, M-F 6a-9a.

Keep in mind that as more of you get smart phones, you can now listen to KNSS via a free app. Find out more at
Thanks for listening! Without you, KNSS cannot be the number-one rated talk station in this area.
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