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Neighborhoods change

When we talk about changing school boundaries in Wichita, I wonder if folks realize how much neighborhoods have changed over the years, and whether it is realistic to think children can walk to a nearby school K through 12?
On my block in Riverside when my children were in school there were school-age kids next door, two doors down, on the corner, and in four homes across the street. Today there are two school-age children living in the house next door. That’s it! And I see one of them get off a bus every afternoon.
Neighborhoods change. In Riverside, it’s quiet and we have great trees and a couple of rivers and terrific places to walk and run. But shopping centers and chain restaurants are miles away. We do have a couple of good locally-owned diners and fast-food is only blocks away.
My point is that new development largely goes to the suburbs east and west … where the people are.
If I want to go to a bookstore it’s a 15-mile round trip … and it’s in east Wichita only.
Our thought for today is from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
“All things must change to something new, to something strange.”

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01/27/2012 12:57AM
Neighborhoods change
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