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More on City Hall cronyism

Recently on The Report I shared long-time civic activist Rod Stewart’s doubts that cronyism is running amuck at Wichita City Hall. I also shared Stewart’s op-ed opinion that some citizens and groups were constantly “carping” at Mayor Brewer and some council members.
A listener e-mailed that he disagreed with my assessment that Wichita is a “big small town”, and that people in government are constantly dealing with issues that involve friends and acquaintances. The e-mailer wrote that Mayor Brewer “hasn’t got the hide or stomach for politics” and “it’s also clear he doesn’t have the instincts and possibly the integrity for the job” because he has a friend and political contributor involved in a local issue the mayor is dealing with.
The listener wrote that the mayor’s critics don’t deserve a “public attack” as the mayor answers his critics.
Still … no proof that the mayor’s vote is for sale.
Apparently, the mayor is expected to shut up and take it when people question his integrity.
I wouldn’t.
Our thought for today is from Samuel Johnson:
“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.”

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05/06/2013 1:39AM
More on City Hall cronyism
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