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Measuring our anger at politicians

In their efforts to please a few, our politicians have succeeded in displeasing many.
A recent Gallup Poll indicates only 18% of Americans are satisfied with the way the United States is being governed … down from 32% just last month. That is the lowest government satisfaction rating since Gallup began asking the question back in 1971.
Meanwhile, the dissatisfaction level in the survey rose to 81% … from 67% last month.
Another Gallup Poll indicates that dysfunctional government is now our nation’s biggest problem, with 33% of respondents affirming. Dysfunctional government has surpassed the economy at 19%, unemployment at 12%, the deficit at 12%, and healthcare at 12% as the nation’s top problem.
I wonder if any of our elected officials are aware of these polls.
Hey, you in Washington … four out of five Americans are dissatisfied with your job performance. And they’re saying dysfunctional government is America’s biggest problem.
Hello! Is anyone there?
Our thought for today is from Mark Twain:
“The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.” 

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10/16/2013 1:27AM
Measuring our anger at politicians
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