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The Duck controversy

When reality T-V stars portray themselves as unsophisticated rural duck call manufacturers who are constantly doing strange and often silly things for the camera, and earn millions in process, they generate public attention and even adoration.
I referred to several of the Duck Dynasty stars as “morons” when they went to a pond and tried to create their own redneck water park.  Perhaps “morons” was too harsh a word.
Several listeners mistakenly believed I was criticizing head duck caller Phil Robertson for the anti-gay comments he recently made in G-Q magazine. I was not. I apologize for making too quick a transition from the crux of the story to my views on the pond project.
I have defended free speech on the air for more than four decades. Robertson is free to say whatever he pleases, and I don’t any opinion about what he said.
I think we should all realize that T-V stars often say things that annoy people. And when they do, their employers have every right to take action.
Our thought for today is from Carol Burnett:
“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.”

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12/24/2013 3:46AM
The Duck controversy
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