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Life is a risky business

Recent news of the Boston Marathon bombing and the devastating explosion in Texas remind us that anything can happen to any of us … any time, anywhere.
Life is a risky business.
Of course, we can all raise the odds in our own favor. I have a few minor, on-going health concerns. The longer we live, the more likely that these frail human shells will be invaded by some affliction or injury. But I try to lessen the risk of anything serious by exercising daily. I have a few aches and pains, but I’m certain I’m doing my body some good every time I lace up my Nikes.
Obviously, the people who were killed and injured in those incidents I mentioned never saw what hit them. We can’t lessen the risk for random acts of senseless violence.
Laws can help lessen the risk of violence or acts of nature to a degree, but they can never eliminate it.
Life is a risky business.
Our thought for today is from Jeanette Winterson:
“What you risk reveals what you value.”

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04/26/2013 1:40AM
Life is a risky business
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