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Let's Talk Radio

Our sister station KFH is celebrating 90 years of broadcasting. Think about what industry is still going after 90+ years? Steel? Oil? I’m having a hard time thinking of many.

Some say it’s amazing that Radio is still alive in today’s world of internet and satellite radio stations, tons of TV networks, etc. But I say Radio’s continued success is expected. Radio, after all, is an industry of talented people that entertain. Regardless of format, we in the radio industry are always looking at entertaining the local community. It’s that simple. As long as Radio can provide an entertainment outlet for the community they are in, Radio will always be a big part of society. In the end, research shows that 95+% of American’s use Radio every week.

Think about it, right now billions of people across the world are listening to Radio!

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02/09/2012 10:56AM
Let's Talk Radio
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