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Leaving Iraq

Soon the bulk of U.S. military personnel will be out of Iraq. I wish the Iraqi people well.
I opposed our nation’s invasion of Iraq from the beginning … not because I had any love for its dictator, but because I never bought the Bush administration’s approval of taking military action against another nation based on the possibility that they might have weapons of mass destruction. That is simply not sufficient justification for putting our people in harm’s way, and the death and destruction rained on the Iraqi people.
Nine years later Sadam Hussein is dead and Iraq has a shaky, violence-threatened government. 45-hundred Americans have died and the U.S. has added a trillion dollars to our national debt. The Bush administration predicted it would not be “building” a nation and the cost would be 60 billion dollars.
My son is back in the states after a partial military deployment to Iraq. It appears he will not be asked to return. If so, it will be a happy ending to what I believe was a tragic foreign policy mistake.
Our thought for today is from Ambrose Bierce:
“To be positive: To be mistaken at the top of one’s voice.”

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12/05/2011 1:14AM
Leaving Iraq
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