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Leadership qualities

As I’ve watched this health care debacle unfold, I’ve searched for deeper meaning than simply writing off President Obama as inept or dishonest or both. Somehow, the president managed to get a complicated, controversial piece of legislation through Congress. There are features of the law that protect the average citizen and the intention is to provide better health care to more citizens.
A noble mission.
Trouble is, the president leaned on half-truths and inaccurate statements to try to “sell” the public. As the rollout tanked, and folks began to lose health care coverage, Americans finally woke up to what the Affordable Health Care Act is really all about.
Just telling people Obamacare is “bad” was not enough; people had to know why.
This complicated attempt to improve health care for all Americans is based on a noble concept. Trouble is, the President has not shown the leadership skills needed to achieve such a dramatic change in our nation’s health care.
President Obama’s support has been eroding rapidly … and it’s understandable.
Our thought for today is from Eric Hoffer:
“The leader has to be practical and a realist, yet must talk the language of the visionary and the idealist.”

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11/21/2013 1:27AM
Leadership qualities
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