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Know your history

I love history. Maybe that’s why it surprises me sometimes how little history most Americans seem to know.
In a recent campaign speech, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said, “The men and women who signed that declaration wrote the final phrase, ‘We pledge to each other our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor’.” Of course, no women signed our Declaration of Independence. Did Santorum simply misspeak? Or did he … and possibly his speech writers … simply not know that woman didn’t sign the Declaration?
And did Santorum mean it when he claimed that John Kennedy said “faith is not allowed in the public square” back in 1960 when Kennedy – a Catholic – tried to assure voters that he would not take his marching orders from the Pope if he was elected president? Santorum said, “You bet that makes you throw up”.
Learn your history, Mr. Santorum, our you’ll offend even more Americans … of all political persuasion.
Our thought for today is from Stephen Colbert:
“There’s an old saying about those who forget history. I don’t remember it, but it’s good.”

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03/06/2012 1:04AM
Know your history
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