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Kansas tuition increases

Make no mistake … higher education is a business. It takes money to educate people; money to pay for salaries and buildings and insurance. Those costs never seem to go down. Who should pay the freight? In Kansas, we’re saying the students and their families should pick up most of the tab.
Tuition increases at the state universities will rise from 4 to 6 percent this fall, generating 26 million dollars. That will help offset 24 million dollars in cuts from the state and increases in health care costs and other mandated expenses. The increases mean the universities will receive more revenue from student tuition than they do from general Kansas tax revenues.
Our lawmakers are taking less responsibility for higher education in Kansas, as the costs keep going up.
When does a Kansas public university education become too expensive for most families? Some of our best and brightest may be priced out of college, while the dumb with the dollars get the sheepskins.
Our thought for today is from Reverend Edward A. Malloy:
“A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life.”

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06/22/2011 1:31AM
Kansas tuition increases
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