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Posted: Thursday, 09 May 2013 5:18AM

KS Senate Leader Sees Session Going Past 80 Days

     TOPEKA, Kan. - Top Republicans in the Kansas Legislature had dreamed of ending its annual session in 80 days, a show of efficiency that would have trimmed 10 days off the normal but often-violated schedule. But Senate President Susan Wagle said Wednesday that it's unlikely lawmakers can meet the goal because of an impasse over tax cuts.
     The Wichita Republican predicted during a meeting of GOP senators that the session could last most of next week. The 80th day is Monday. Legislators often worry about how going longer than 90 days will play with their constituents. Last year's session lasted 99 days. The record is 107 days, set in 2002.
     Asked about Wagle's comments, House Speaker and Stilwell Republican Ray Merrick said, "I guess that's her decision."

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05/09/2013 5:23AM
KS Senate Leader Sees Session Going Past 80 Days
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05/22/2013 4:36AM
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