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Judging Paula Deen

We’ve become a nation of judges. Somehow, Americans have concluded that all of our opinions have great value … even those that are misguided or mistaken … and those views deserve to be heard and taken seriously.
The case of southern cooking star Paula Deen illustrates my theory beautifully. In a legal deposition she answered honestly that in the past she had used racial words and tolerated racial jokes in the workplace. She apologized when news of the deposition came to light. Her corporate sponsors and her publisher quickly moved to distance themselves from this symbol of racial insensitivity.
I can easily understand the behavior of a woman raised in the south when it comes to racial stereotypes. I can also understand an honest admission and an apology. But many Americans seem perfectly willing to condemn this woman for doing things that they may have done themselves.
I will not cast a stone. I also predict a comeback for Paula Deen.
Our thought for today is from Cullen Hightower:
“Wisdom is what’s left after we’ve run out of personal opinions.”

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07/16/2013 1:32AM
Judging Paula Deen
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