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Job creation experts

Today’s politicians love to claim they can “create jobs”. Can they? How many of them have ever “created” a job?
Certainly some of our Kansas lawmakers have operated businesses and expanded their work force. But I would guess they are a small minority in the Senate and House, judging from the biographies I’ve seen.
Governor Sam Brownback claims his huge tax cut will create tens of thousands of jobs and make Kansas some kind of employment Mecca. Has the governor ever created a non-government job?
He worked as an attorney for a few years before becoming the state agriculture secretary in 1986. He has been a government employee at the state and federal levels for the past 26 years.
Job creator? It’s not evident in his resume.
In Brownback’s defense, he has said this whole tax cut/job creation plan is actually an “experiment”. If it fails in a few years, Sam Brownback will probably be drawing a nice government pension check … or two!
Our thought for today is from Joaquin Setanti:
“Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk.”

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08/06/2012 12:57AM
Job creation experts
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