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It's not a done deal

I’ve been watching these polls that give President Obama a slight edge over Republican challenger Mitt Romney … in this state or that state … this demographic or that.  But the margins have not really been overwhelming anywhere, so I haven’t been ready to declare a winner. I’m still not ready, that’s why we have elections.
The experts tell us Romney was the ‘victor’ in the first debate, which ought to re-energize his campaign. With a month to Election Day, I think it’s a toss-up.
When they’ve finished sharing their political philosophies, criticisms, and hugely non-specific ideas, I wonder which candidate will convince Americans that the future will be better if he is elected?
I believe Americans vote their pocketbooks but also their hearts. They vote against people they can’t trust with their tomorrows. They want to hear again why this country is great and why there is hope for their future.
No … I don’t think this thing is over at all.
Our thought for today is from Adlai Stevenson Jr.:
“In America any boy may become President and I suppose it’s just one of the risks he takes.”

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10/10/2012 1:17AM
It's not a done deal
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