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It?s Almost Time Again

We are on the edge of another October, easily my favorite month of the year.  Now last year I did a new blog update every week about some good, scary, chilling entertainment perfect for the season.  Now I’m not going to be that comprehensive again this year (maybe next year,) but I do have some things I will talk about next month (October) that will fit in nicely with the theme.  But I want to start out with a little preview.

I’ve had a lot of fun at the last 2 “Cult Classics” showings at the Palace Theater.  Earlier this month I had a great time watching 1989’s “Batman.”  Tim Burton’s “Batman” was the first movie I ever saw at the Palace, and it was really great getting a chance to re-live a couple hours of my childhood.  And then a few weeks later, I visited again to see “Monte Python and the Holy Grail.”  No need to elaborate, that is ALWAYS a good time.  I think that was my 3rd Grail watching at the Palace over the years.

But the Palace’s Cult Classics Series is always best in October.  Three weekend classics series this year and I can recommend all of them (although I may only go to 1 or 2.)  First up on the 4th and 5th, is “Child’s Play.” That’s the original “Chucky” movie.  The little Cabbage Patch Doll that kills people.  Now I will miss this one.  80’s and 90’s “gorefest” style slasher films (Jason, and Freddy, and that bunch) were always more comedy than horror for me.  Much like these days the “found footage” Blair Witch style movies are just hollow and insubstantial to me.  But if you are a fan of those kinds of films, Child’s Play is a good one.

I may not get the chance to see “The Shining” (I have a possible schedule conflict,) but I will be there if I can.  They’re showing that one on the 18th and 19th. Kubrick adapting a Stephen King novel… yeah, I’ll be there if I can. There’s actually some downside.  If I’m honest, The Shining drags a bit.  Kubrick wasn’t one to chop a movie into a standard 90 or so minutes.  But The Shining could be a textbook on exploiting a setting and scene to create atmosphere. By the time Jack goes full-on axe wielding crazy, the tension has been very slowly dialed up to 11.

And rounding out the series (although it’s technically Nov. 1st and 2nd) is a definite must for me, I will be there.  It’s John Carpenters’ “The Thing.” I’ll admit I have a weakness for John Carpenter films, and this will be a chance for me to see The Thing in theaters, an opportunity I missed the first time around because I was too young to buy the ticket.

Thunder Hockey is starting up again, and I’ll try and make a couple of games in October.  And October 11th – 13th is the Encounters convention at the Best Western at 53rd and I-135.  And as if a Sci-Fi, Gaming, and Anime convention wasn’t enough to get me there; Jim Butcher, one of my favorite authors, will be there.  I’ve been to one Butcher book signing a few years ago in KC, and it will be great to get a chance to talk with Jim again and get another book signed.

Lots to do this October, it’s going to be a good one.

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09/30/2013 8:58AM
It’s Almost Time Again
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