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Is this buying votes?

An ethics complaint has been filed by one candidate against another in the Wichita City Council District 4 race.
Craig Gabel printed a flyer that endorses his candidacy. On the other side of the flyer is a coupon for either $3 off on a chicken fry dinner or half off a meal at Gabel’s restaurant.
Gabel says it’s a great way to promote his run for office and his restaurant on one flyer. Saves money.
Why sure, but is it ethical?
Gabel says he did something similar two years ago.
Apparently there is nothing on the flyer that says you have to vote for Gabel or promise to vote for Gabel to get the meal deal. There is no actual quid pro quo … “this for that”, in Latin.
Personally, I’m not finding anything unethical about this. It’s imaginative … clever … might even be called slick. The flyer has gotten Gabel a lot of free news coverage.
Our thought for today is from Mark Twain:
“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

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02/22/2013 1:51AM
Is this buying votes?
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