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Is marriage obsolete?

Recently the Pew Research Center surveyed nearly 27-hundred adults. 39% of them say marriage is becoming obsolete, up from 28% who responded to the same question posed by Time magazine in 1978.
Census data reflect a declining percentage of married adults in the U.S.: 54% in 2010, down from 57% in 2000 and 72% in 1960.
Marriage is still the norm for college grads, 64% … but less so for those with no college, 48%. Blacks are much less likely to be married – 32% -- than whites, at 56%.
Cohabitation … shacking up … has nearly doubled since 1990. Pew found 44% of adults have cohabitated. Among those, 64% say they considered it a step toward marriage.
While many gay people push for legal marriage, it appears that 4 in 10 Americans believe marriage may go the way of home milk delivery and the full-service gas station.
Personally, I’ve been married 40 years … and it seems like a pretty good deal to me.
Our thought for today is from Clint Eastwood:
“There’s only one way to have a happy marriage and as soon as I learn what it is I’ll get married again.”

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11/30/2010 1:19AM
Is marriage obsolete?
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