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Is it bye-bye, Boeing?

Kansas government officials are upset with Boeing right now. First the company said it was studying its future in Wichita, and may pull its defense operation out of the city. Then Congressman Mike Pompeo announced Boeing will NOT build the new Air Force refueling tanker in Wichita, but in Washington state.
Kansas lawmakers had lobbied hard for Boeing to get the tanker contract, so that 7,500 new jobs could be created in Wichita. Looks as if that won’t happen … and more than 2,000 current Boeing jobs in Wichita may disappear.
This community has lived and died with the aircraft industry as long as I can remember. Wichita has “boomed” and “busted” every few years, but we’ve always built airplanes here. Will we continue to call ourselves The Air Capitol?
Corporations will do what they think makes sense for their business plans and their shareholders. It’s called free market capitalism … and it can be a pretty tough game.
Our thought for today is from John Marshall:
“The corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law.”

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12/28/2011 1:11AM
Is it bye-bye, Boeing?
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