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Is Old Town safe?

Just about any popular gathering place will eventually attract the wrong kind of people. The trick is to control the criminal element so that the general public feels safe to use that venue.
Wichita’s Old Town is a case in point. We love the area, but who wants to be down there when the bars close on the weekend? Wichita police have a permanent substation in Old Town, but that didn’t slow down some fool with a gun last Sunday morning. He fired into a crowd … killing one man and wounding six more. Several cops were a block away at the time of the shooting. Why weren’t they at the club that was closing? W-P-D will have to answer that.
The police released statistics that show two homicides in the Old Town area this year, compared to one last year. The figures also show a 32% reduction in crime in the area.
Is Old Town developing an image problem? Is it safe?
I still believe it is … but not at closing time on the weekends. That’s when I will be somewhere else.
Our thought for today is from Ramsey Clark:
“There is no conflict between liberty and safety. We will have both or neither.”

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09/27/2013 12:48AM
Is Old Town safe?
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