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Iraq ... ten years later

Last week marked ten years since President Bush started the second war with Iraq.
I opposed the war for several reasons. First, I did not see the need … since Saddam Hussein hated al-Qaeda, and could have been useful in our war on terror. Hussein had been to war with his neighbor Iran, and had balanced the power in that region. The current governments of Iran and Iraq have now become quite cozy.
I saw Iraq as no immediate threat to the United States, and stopped believing they had any weapons of mass destruction early in the game. I don’t like our nation going to war on suspicions, suppositions, and unsubstantiated fear.
I didn’t like the fact that no one in the White House had any close relative in harm’s way … no “skin in the game”.
My son served in Iraq, 45-hundred Americans died there, 32-thousand were wounded, and two trillion dollars was put on Uncle Sam’s credit card.
And by the way, we’re still there.
Was it worth it?
Our thought for today is from Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.:
“All wars are popular for the first thirty days.”

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03/26/2013 1:36AM
Iraq ... ten years later
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