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I Just Thought of Something

It occurred to me that several of my blog entries go over some of the most basic cautions and protections for internet use.  But if you are reading this now… chances are you already know the basics.  It’s pretty easy for me to say “don’t open the attachment if you don’t know the sender,” but I do realize most of you already know that.  Some don’t which is why I put that out there as a tip.  And even for those of you who are pretty internet savvy; these basic things are what we need to teach kids, older people who are turning to the internet for the first time, and business which may be turning to the internet for the first time to advertise or sell.  Even if you don’t need this information, you most likely know someone who does, and they most likely don’t look at this blog.

So, pass the message along.  The internet is a wonderful resource, but it can be as dense a jungle as anything from the mind of Sinclair.

The latest scams you need to worry about seem to be about Japan.  Man, it really hacks me off to see the scammers using tragedy on a scale like that to spread their vicious malware and steal identities.  So if you want to donate to help out Japan, our website has a banner that is a link to the Red Cross.  Click here to visit.  Most of the big sites have secure ways to help out online as well.  Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all have ways to donate to various charities for Japanese relief.  And it is badly needed.

Just my “nerd” lifestyle I guess, but I really want things to get better in Japan.  Japanese companies make lots of the videogames I love, the animated series I enjoy watching, and the TV that I have to have for both.  (Super-nerd, I know.   I can’t help it, I am an Otaku.)  Japanese auto companies have large manufacturing plants in this country that employ thousands of Americans.  And Japan is on the list of places I would love to travel, if I were a richer man.  There are certainly places I would like to go in Europe, but for me a trip thru Japan would be a study in contrasts.  I would love to see both the high-tech urban cityscape of Tokyo, as well as the historic and more rustic settings near the Amanoiwato-Jinjo near Takachiho.  It would be interesting for me, who hails from a state that was pretty wild up until a couple hundred years ago or so, to see a country that has been organized and more or less civilized for millennia.

Wow, not much on the entertainment front.  Big movies wait until summer, no real great videogames on the horizon, and even the next books I’m looking forward to are still at least until summer away for me.  I checked out “Dead Until Dark” the first book of the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.  It’s the series that HBO’s “True Blood” is based upon.  Ugh… it reads like a Fabio-covered romance novel, only with a blood-sucking vampire in place of Fabio.  I know it’s really popular, but I couldn’t make it past halfway through before I lost interest.  I’ll probably finish it sometime, but l won’t be moving on to the rest of the series.  Here’s a warning though, it isn’t “Twilight.”  It contains some much more adult themes.  I wouldn’t recommend that a parent let his or her kid read the Southern Vampire books.  The talks you might have to have afterward would be fairly uncomfortable. 

After reading “Dead Until Dark,” (or at least as much of it as I could stomach) I’m leaning toward not trying out “Twilight.”  I’ll just say I’m glad kids are reading something… and let it go at that.

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03/25/2011 6:49AM
I Just Thought of Something
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