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Hug a bureaucrat?

Last week Sedgwick County Chief Financial Officer Chris Chronis said we ought to consider “hugging a bureaucrat”. Has he lost his mind?
Chronis pointed out to the county commission that since 2009, the county has 10% fewer employees, even as county population has gone up 10%. And since 2007 – Chronis says – the county’s property tax collection has dropped by 6%.
So the county has trimmed the fat … and it’s operating lean, with fewer people tackling a larger workload.
Will this satisfy those who constantly scream about bloated, ineffective government bureaucracies? I doubt it. Most people are ill-informed about local government issues. They don’t realize the city and county have avoided raising property tax rates for years, public employees have seen very little improvement in compensation, and that city council members and county commissioners have said “no” to pay increases in the past.
I won’t hug a bureaucrat, but I would like to say thank you for their thrifty efforts.
Our thought for today is from Aesop:
“It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.”

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04/09/2013 1:40AM
Hug a bureaucrat?
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