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How bad is the health care overhaul?

I don’t want to bust anybody’s bubble, but at least one Kansas health care executive refuses to shout “The sky is falling!” over the federal health care overhaul.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas president and C-E-O Andrew Corbin says cost increases related to the new health care law are “very, very modest”. Corbin says claims history and aging are responsible for the majority of health insurance cost increases that employers and consumers are seeing for 2011.
Corbin says folks with individual coverage may see larger increases because of mandated benefits they didn’t have in their previous coverage. But most policy holders already had benefits close to what was mandated.
Corbin says to bring down costs, people have to change their personal habits, and the health care system will have to change from its more services-means-more money delivery operation. He also says marketing prescription drugs directly to consumers adds enormously to health care costs.
Our thought for today is from John Sladek:
 “The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only far more expensive.”

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11/04/2010 1:20AM
How bad is the health care overhaul?
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11/05/2010 7:53AM
Who do you believe?
Could Mr. Corbin explain this? Boeing and other large companies (and now AARP)are pinning the blame for higher rates on the new healthcare law? Who is right? Makes you wonder who do you believe?
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