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History matters

A fine local historian died the other day. Craig Miner taught history for four decades at Wichita State University and wrote forty books … many of them about Kansas and the Wichita area. I’ve read several of his books and interviewed Miner a few years back. It was a personal pleasure to talk with someone who truly valued history.

All the books I read are non-fiction … mostly history and some current events or politics. I’m currently reading a book about the Comanche Indians, the most brutal of the tribes and the finest horseback warriors in the world. They ranged from southern Kansas to Mexico … dominating a huge area. It’s a fascinating part of history I haven’t explored before.

I use the word “explore” because that’s the way I look at history … a means to explore the past. I’ve recently read books about the Cuban missile crisis, the Berlin airlift, and the Battle of Britain.

I’ll continue to “explore” the past, with a nod to the fine work of the late Craig Miner. Thanks for your passion for history, Professor Miner.



Our thought for today is from Sir Winston Churchill:


“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”

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09/28/2010 10:32AM
History matters
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