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High school days

President Obama had already admitted that he is not proud of some of the things he did in high school. That was a matter of public record long before last week’s Washington Post story, alleging that Mitt Romney had participated in a high school incident involving the subduing and hair-trimming of a classmate.
We shared the story on the Steve & Ted Show last week … as did every news-oriented broadcast program in most of the world. We received a couple of calls saying we shouldn’t pick on Romney and why weren’t we talking about Obama’s past sins?
First of all … news is news, even if you don’t like what you hear. Secondly, the President’s past sins were old news.
Presidential candidates’ high school days become fair game the minute they decide to seek the most important government office in the world. As the Romney story and the same-sex story fade, we realize they are not the most important issues of the political season.
One caller said we ought to be fired for even bringing up the Romney story.
Wow! Talk about ‘shooting the messenger’!
Our thought for today is from Sophocles:
“Nobody likes the man who brings bad news.”

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05/17/2012 1:07AM
High school days
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