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Health insurance costs surge

This comes as no big surprise to us working folks. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports a 9% increase this year in annual health insurance premiums for a family of four.
Kaiser’s survey found that annual insurance premiums to cover people through their employers average $5,429 for single people and $15,073 for a family of four. Those rates rose 8% for single people and 9% for families.
U-S-A Today reports rising health care costs are behind the big increases. Kaiser’s Gary Claxton estimated … based on Office of Management and Budget figures … that about 1% of the rise came from changes due to last year’s health care law.
Many companies pick up all or part of that 9% premium increase. But many workers see less take-home pay, or spendable income. And many are being hit with higher co-pays and deductibles.
Why haven’t our elected officials attacked the root causes of higher health costs? We’re still trying to treat the symptoms and not the disease.
Our thought for today is from William Osler:
“The desire to take medicine is perhaps the greatest feature which distinguishes man from animals.”

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10/05/2011 12:54AM
Health insurance costs surge
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