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The origins of the holiday known as Halloween are unclear to me. This is just a fun autumn night for children … and the forever childish. Call me a Halloween Grinch, but I don’t like to dress in costumes and act like a fool for this one day a year. That’s not to say that my brothers and I did not enjoy Halloween thoroughly when we were kids. It was the one time of year when we could get as much candy as we could stand!
I also enjoyed my children’s Halloweens and now I’m getting a kick out of my grandchildren and their excitement over costumes and candy. I don’t think today’s kids give a hoot about being scared tonight.
We’ve known people who have refused their kids the joy of Halloween based on a belief that it’s some kind of devil worship. If that is so, I think Satan’s mission is lost on those kids who are happily dancing from house to house, ringing the door bell and hollering “trick or treat” … with no real thought of ever performing a “trick” on an inferior “treater”.
Our thought for today is from Steve Almond:
“Nothing on earth is so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night.”

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10/31/2011 1:18AM
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