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Guns in the wrong hands

I’ve never been comfortable with the interpretation of the Second Amendment that every citizen should be allowed to own and carry any kind of firearm he or she wishes. I know too much about guns … and human nature.
Concealed-carry and open-carry are Kansas laws, designed to allow citizens to protect themselves from the bad guys. The danger is that some people simply should not be allowed anywhere near a firearm.
Take the guy who fired a round at the security guard last week at a store in east Wichita … than struggled with police who had tazed him. Court records revealed that he had a concealed-carry permit for that gun. Witnesses say he was possibly drunk or high on drugs. Lucky for the security guard he wasn’t a very good shot.
A man in a movie theater in Sparks, Nevada shifted in his seat and his gun fell to floor … shooting him in the butt. He had a concealed-carry permit.
Isolated incidents? Of course. But they give us all something to think about.
Our thought for today is from George Bernard Shaw:
“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”

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08/20/2012 12:54AM
Guns in the wrong hands
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