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Guns, classrooms, and insurance

I saw this one coming when I first heard about efforts to allow educators to bring licensed firearms into American classrooms. What happens if the math teacher’s .22 accidentally falls out of his pocket and discharges … wounding a student? It can happen; ask any police officer.
If it’s my kid shot, I’ll call an attorney and sue the school district for as much money as legally possible.
E-M-C Insurance Companies insures about 90% of Kansas school districts. Last week E-M-C announced it would not insure school districts that allow guns in classroom, and will not renew policies for current school customers who allow guns in classrooms.
Personally, I strongly disagree with any effort to arm teachers … especially in my grandchildren’s classrooms.
I find it curious that no Kansas lawmaker anticipated this insurance liability problem during discussion of conceal-carry in classrooms. Was there any serious discussion at all?
Maybe Kansas voters ought to consider intelligence along with ideology when deciding who gets our vote.
Our thought for today is from Robert J. Shiller:
“The ability to focus attention on important things is a defining characteristic of intelligence.”

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06/25/2013 1:34AM
Guns, classrooms, and insurance
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