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Governor's economic summits

I’m encouraged that Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is planning a series of economic summits … meeting with business and civic leaders to talk about improving the state’s economy. The first summit is today in Wichita.
In March, the state had 107,000 citizens unemployed and actively seeking work. Our state and local jobless rates are below the national rate, but the Wichita area still shows more than eight percent unemployed. Is there anything state government can do about that?
One economic development program that has been challenged by state lawmakers is Wichita Mid-Continent’s FAIR FARES. A few million dollars in state money spent reportedly has a multiplying impact on the economy of central Kansas.
There’s been talk of closing sales tax loopholes and reducing or eliminating state income tax on individuals and corporations. 
I’m hopeful that Governor Brownback will hear some good, serious ideas during these summits. This can be a positive move for the entire state.
Our thought for today is from J. Arthur Thomson:
The most powerful factors in the world are clear ideas in the minds of energetic men of good will.”

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04/25/2011 1:12AM
Governor's economic summits
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