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Goodbye Dr Laura

I could not believe it when I heard the mess about Dr Laura. She tried to prove a point that the ‘N-word’ was just a word … then she used it on the air several times. It didn’t work and now she is quitting her radio show. I’m a radio guy. I know many “radio guys.” None of us would ever say the ‘N-word’ on the air. Never. It’s just one of those words that we do not say. You know George Carlin’s “7 Dirty Words” comedy bit? We’ll there are actually more than 7. So when I heard through a news cast that Dr Laura tried to prove a point and she actually used the word, that was plain dumb. Let’s make this clear, this is not a freedom of speech thing as Dr Laura tried to imply in a Larry King interview announcing her retirement. This was just plain dumb. I work in an industry where freedom of speech is key to us. Dr Laura could have presented her point in a better light. What do you think?

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08/22/2010 6:06PM
Goodbye Dr Laura
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