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Getting things done

In his new book about President Lyndon Johnson … “The Passage of Power” … Robert Caro writes about Johnson’s awesome accomplishments within weeks after suddenly ascending to the presidency. The former Senate majority leader pushed through a conservative budget, tax cut, and a civil rights bill. In doing so, Johnson battled southern Democrats who knew how to stall any legislation they opposed.
A southern Democrat himself and a master of political gamesmanship, L-B-J went to work on the key men in both parties, cut deals, flattered, and bullied them into submission. Johnson loved the process. I doubt we have ever seen his equal in the White House, in that regard.
It seems to me today’s politicians are more interested in advancing ideology than in getting things done. No one seems to be interested in, nor accomplished at, the process of legislation.
I think our president and all our representatives and senators ought to read Caro’s book.
Our thought for today is from Lyndon B. Johnson:
“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

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06/29/2012 4:54AM
Getting things done
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