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Gas prices

Americans have apparently adjusted their spending to accommodate gasoline prices hovering around three-and-a-half bucks for several weeks now. Most of us drive to work … most of us, one commuter per car in Wichita. My wife and I each fill our tanks about three times a month. It can be a little more often if we’re traveling across town to grandkids’ ball games and other activities.
Like most of you, Shelley and I keep a close watch on our money. In nearly 43 years of marriage, we’ve never lost track of how that income is being spent, invested, and saved. Gasoline is one more line on the family budget.
And like you, when the price at the pump goes up, we make accommodations somewhere else. We may skip a nice restaurant meal in favor of hot dogs and chips.
You know the drill.
It’s frustrating to realize that we have so little control over the gas expense. Beyond driving with better fuel economy, we have no choice at all … we just pay up, shut up, and keep driving.
Our thought for today is from Henry David Thoreau:
“That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.”

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03/21/2013 1:40AM
Gas prices
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