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Gallup has them dead even

A Gallup Poll has President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney dead even at 46% in a sample size of nearly ten-thousand respondents. There hasn’t been any real change in this survey in three weeks.
Here are some highlights: among blacks, liberals, and Democrats, Obama has a really big edge. No surprise there. Romney enjoys a big lead with Conservatives and Republicans, of course. Among men, it’s Romney 50%, Obama 42%. Women … the opposite … Obama 50%, Romney 42%.
Among respondents calling themselves “highly religious”, Romney leads 58% to 35%. Among Catholics, Obama gets the nod … 47% to 44%. Romney’s favored slightly by Protestants.
The president also gets a slight edge with Moderates, 55% to 34%.
This poll and others tell us one thing for certain; there will not be a landslide in November. With the candidates running neck-and-neck, Independents and the swing states are crucial.
Our thought for today is from Franklin P. Adams:
“Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody.”

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06/08/2012 12:59AM
Gallup has them dead even
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06/09/2012 12:40PM
Elections and Ratings
Mr. HackIntosh, Radio Ratings are Like Winning Elections, We Only Listen To Mediocrity Because We Don't Want To Listen To Someone Else.
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