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Frustration again

In the past in this space, I have expressed the absolute frustration so many of us feel when we hear still another report of a man with a gun slaughtering people in public.
I tread lightly when discussing gun violence, but it often seems deadly weapons too often wind up in the wrong hands … the hands of the mentally unstable.
Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis had been hearing voices and believed people were following him. He had had several run-ins with the law over firing guns. And yet he was able to buy a shotgun two days before the shooting at the Navy Yard. In addition, he still had sufficient security clearance to enter that facility.
As we’ve seen in past mass shootings, the warning signs were there. But hindsight is 20/20, we are told. How do we connect the dots? How do we know when someone is about reach the breaking point?
It’s all incredibly frustrating.
Our thought for today is from Monica Fairview:
“If you ask too many questions, you will find no answers, only more questions.”

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09/19/2013 3:46AM
Frustration again
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