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Flouoridating Wichita water

People in other cities that buy water from Wichita have asked for fluoride in the water they’re buying. Wichita is one of just a few large American cities without fluoridated water. That could change in November. The City Council has decided to let the voters decide the issue … which has been considered twice before since the 1960s.
Opponents argue that fluoridation will not really do much to solve the problem of children with bad teeth. They also see the issue as a matter of personal freedom.
On the other side are many health professionals who say fluoridation will help prevent kids’ cavities. My dentist is the chief advocate of fluoridation.
At the suggestion of our pediatrician, my wife and I supplemented our children’s diets with fluoride in the 70s … and I can’t remember either one having any problem with a cavity. In order to strengthen my own teeth, my dentist recommended a mouthwash … that is just about 100% fluoride.
A good 40% of my fellow citizens and I will decide the issue in November.
Our thought for today is from Hippocrates:

08/27/2012 1:14AM
Flouoridating Wichita water
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